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Ashen Blackfyre, Firesoul Genasi Sorceror by bchart Ashen Blackfyre, Firesoul Genasi Sorceror by bchart
"A Fire Genasi, looking to be of a human middle aged, created when a great evil tried to meld the power of the fire elementals and a captured ancient Brass Dragon. The resulting experiment wrought forth Ashen, a light red skinned fire Genasi, with fire like hair and pure gold eyes. His body is covered in what look like molten glowing patterns, from his Fire elemental side. But his arms and hands seem to be covered in brass colored scales. Scales from the great Brass Dragon that was sacrificed during his birth.

He managed to escape the evil one who created him, where he hid himself. Living as a hermit. Just learning, practicing, and fine tuning his sorcerers magicks. Studying all he could find about his Draconic nature. He found that he could control almost all aspects of the flames the often surrounded him.

Ashen, prone to flaming outbursts, wore very simple, darker robes. Always fringed and burnt around the edges of his hands and hood. Carrying his burnt wooden, almost like harden charcoal staff. Using it as his Arcane focus in all his studies.

Finally strong enough to attempt to find the one who made him, Ashen Blackfyre left his lonely hermitage, to seek out and burn away the evil that made him."

I mostly envisioned Ashen looking like a vagrant, since he lives in the wild and in seclusion. As his robes have been burned many times, I gave him extra articles of found fabric or clothing that he uses to cover a frayed and tattered robe, hence he has a bit of a mismatched outfit. He uses dried reed or grass as makeshift twine to tie his torn and burned sleeves to his arms, as well as to do makeshift repairs to his clothes. He's fashioned a small pouch tied to his belt to put some simple tools he's crafted from sticks and stones. As for his bronze dragon scales that hint to his heritage, I went a little bit further and gave him claw-like fingernails and some patches of scales on his face as well. I didn't give him an entirely charcoal staff, but it's been burned at the tip by the spells he's cast, and also where he usually holds it. I added the smoldering effects to show that his power might still not be entirely under control.

Done over a few hours, trying out a different process... had to finish it quick as it was bed time! Gonna try and paint more male characters, since I tend to draw girls all the time.

Narthyxa Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is gorgeous! I love the light emanating from under his skin. 
bchart Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
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